Make Money Self-Publishing Starting Today – 2 Real World and Simple Examples of Low Content Books You Can Publish

What are Low Content Books?

I actually started in publishing with Kindle ebooks in the self-development genre, but it was when I discovered how lucrative, and the easiest and quickest ways to start making money as a self-publisher and earn passive (recurring) income online.

Simply by creating books with little or no words or pictures in them and also consider to be consumables, or products that get used up and then need to be purchased again. These are referred to as low content books and come in many forms, but a few examples of books in this category are:

  • Journals
  • Diaries
  • Notebooks
  • Daily Planners
  • Weekly Planners
  • Monthly Planners
  • Sketch Books
  • Coloring Books
  • Puzzle Books

Taking a look at that list of books aside from the front and back covers, the book only consists of page after page of lined paper. So, I think you can see how this type of book can be created and published very quickly and also quite cheap and doesn't even require any format design training.

And probably the best example of a low content book, that is a popular consumable is the puzzle book. There are many types of puzzle books as well, with one of my personal favorites to design and publish being the maze puzzle book.

But, puzzle books is for sure a type of low content book that you should dive into and see if it's the right fit for you as your start your own publishing business, as they are fun and can make you a lot of money too...

How to Make Money with Low Content Books?

This is going to be a bit of an advanced topic, but don't let it scare you away...

Why because if you start this business the right way it can make you a lot of money each month after you establish your brand and you make and publish high quality low content books in a very target niche.

A target niche is where you address a very specific problem and you solve that problem with your book.

Example, a weight loss journal is way too broad. Instead choose one style or type of diet, like keto and create a keto weight loss journal, or a keto weight loss journal for women, or a keto weight loss journal for women with diabetes... 

At first glance you may think this excludes people from buying your book, and yes you are right it does. And that is a good thing, because it means that only people that need your book are buying and they will get and understand what your book is about and why they need it and will actually use it. This builds your brand and brand loyalty and when you have "brand believers" they will come back and buy again and again. They will also recommend your book which will mean more books sale for you.

But let's go back to puzzle books for a minute to take a look at a real example over on Amazon.

We will be looking a metric that Amazon measures called a BSR or Best Sellers Rank. It simply shows you the amount of books that are selling daily and monthly based on an internal metric that you can use an online calculator to convert it into the number of sales. And then use the Amazon Printing Cost & Royalty Calculator to calculate how much you will make from the sale of each book that you publish.

The screenshots below shows two different types of puzzle books, crossword and sudoku puzzles and show the number of sales and the royalties made from each book to clearly show you that it is possible to make money with Amazon KDP and low content books as a self-publisher.

The BSR for the crossword puzzle book is 2717 and the BSR for the sudoku puzzle book is 2979. When you put those numbers into the TCK Publishing BSR to Sales Calculator you see the number of sales 1056 per month and 70 per day and 984 per month and 66 per day, respectively...

Now take those numbers and feed them into the Amazon Printing Cost & Royalty Calculator and do the math.

Number of Sales Per Month * Your Royalty = How Much You Make Selling Low Content Books

Using the formula above and applying it to these two examples, you'll see the possibilities of being a low content book publisher:

1056 Sales Per Month * $2.84 = $2999.04

984 Sales Per Month * $.60 = $590.40

I think you can see and you would agree that there is money to be made in the world of low content books...

And of course not just puzzle books, it's just one of my favorites.

There are plenty of other examples of big publishers and self-publishers making money with low content books.

Another great thing about low content books is you can get ready made or done for you templates that you can purchase and edit with free online tools to get started today!

Where to Find Low Content Book Templates.

There are many places that sell or give away low content book templates, below are a few examples, one being my own templates that I sell and support using the free online tool Google Docs Slides to make the interiors for low content books.

The first example, is Creative Fabrica search for KDP template, and you can buy the templates one at a time or you can get a low monthly membership to download and use as many as you want

Next up is my own store, where I'm adding new done for you KDP templates all the time, these are editable in the free online tool Google Docs Slides and come with full commercial use license for you to create your own low content books and sell on Amazon KDP.

So, get out there and get to publishing a few low content books and get your publishing business going and let me know when you get your first sale .. Happy Publishing!