Is Amazon KDP Worth It? How to Make Money Self-Publishing

Is KDP Publishing Worth It?

Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to publish their own books as an additional income or just to satisfy the dream of becoming a published author.

But, when using KDP as a business it must be treated as such and with that comes work and dedication to the process of understanding market trends for different types of books and staying ahead of the competition.

How Much Can You Make From KDP Publishing?

The money you make from creating, publishing and selling your books on Amazon KDP is paid in the form of a royalty, which currently is 60% of the list price that you set for your book. Amazon subtracts the printing costs based on the marketplace your book is sold, this is based on the country the book is sold and printed in and also depends on the page count of your book and the type of ink.

To see the exact royalty you will make from your book, you can use the Amazon Printing Cost & Royalty Calculator, and I've provided an example below of a paperback book with black and white ink printed on white interior paper, with a page count of 110 pages, sold on and a list price of 6.99.

Using the calculations from the Amazon KDP calculator it means with an estimated royalty from your book of $2.02 a book per sale you could make $101.00 a day or $3,330.00 per month selling 50 copies of your book each day.

Of course creating this type of book that sells 50 copies a day, with a $2 dollar royalty does take to time to research and create.

Which means to make real money with Amazon KDP you have to think outside the normal everyday book and bring real value .. or as I like to say, create real books for real people that they will use, enjoy and recommend to others and they will come back and buy again.

The key to making money is to build a brand around a theme and to keep making more books and publishing them around a specific topic where people have a specific need and will continue to buy your books. 

Building a brand around quality books that you publish will ensure that you get high ratings and good reviews which will then in turn get Amazon to recommend your book to more people that search for the type of books you publish and it will allow you to sell more books and increasing the amount of money you make from you publishing business on KDP.

A great example would be the "Jade Summer" brand on Amazon that sells colors books, which are classified no content books in the adult coloring book niche.

They have done an excellent job of setting themselves apart as a high quality brand on Amazon in a very specific market.

And if you were to go thru each one of their titles and add up all the royalties they make based on the BSR of each of their published books you would see they make a tidy sum for sure selling books on KDP.

Jade Summer is for sure one of the best examples, but not the only example of people creating brands and doing really well in the self-publishing business selling low content books on Amazon.

I for one find inspiration in what they have accomplished, and success leaves clues and the clue here is that this does work, and is worth it when you set your expectations from the beginning about how much you will make when you first get started vs what you have the potential to make as you build your own brand.

Is Low Content Publishing Worth It?

In this article we used the example of a low content book that has a $2 royalty and sell approximately 28 books a month based on the BSR, or Amazon Best Seller Rank, at the time of the writing of this post.

Which tells me that if you want make money with KDP publishing it still can be down with low content books, as the model proves to be profitable when you find the right niche and create and publish a book that is perfect for your target audience.  

I'd recommend that you watch the video below, "Is it Worth Your Time? Truth About KDP Low Content"

And after you watch the video, I think you will find that the answer to the question, is low content publishing is still worth it? .. is yes.

Yes, if you give it a real attempt and understand that it's a real business and not a get rich quick scheme that takes time to learn and develop over time.

In reality you don't have anything to lose, creating and publishing low content books is a great way to break into self-publishing and can be started for free...

So, I say give it a try and to learn exactly how to get started check out this special report where I reveal one of the simplest ways to get going and make money with one of the biggest platforms online.

Happy Publishing!