How to Create Low and No Content Books to Sell on Amazon KDP for Free

You already know that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will allow you to publish your book for free and split the sales revenue giving you a 60% royalty after the printing costs.

In this post you will learn how to use Google Docs Slides to create the interior or the manuscript of your book that you will upload as a PDF to your KDP bookshelf. Of course we are talking about low or no content books so this doesn't even take that much time to create.

And if you want to get started quicker with some done for you templates and interiors click that link there to see a few options that I've already created and you can use to start publishing today!

Now back to how to do this with Google Docs Slides...

Step 1 - Open Google Slides

Step 2 - Start a New Presentation

Step 3 - Page Setup - 8.5 x 11 Inches - (This is the size you want your book to be, another popular option is 6 x 9.)

Step 4 - Start Creating the Interior of Your New Book. (Start simple and use text boxes, shapes and lines provided on the menu bar.)

Step 5 - Download your finished interior as a PD. This will be the file that you upload to Amazon KDP, this is your manuscript.

That's it a simple 5 step process to get started for free to create low and no content books to sell on Amazon KDP.

I've taken care of the hard work for you with these done for you templates:

All you have to do is copy to your own Google Docs folder and make any edits you need to make and upload and sell as your own book. 

Now let's move onto the next step of creating your low content book to sell on KDP, creating the cover and how to do it for free .. keep reading...

How to Create a Book Cover for Amazon KDP for Free

The cover of your book is the most important part of your book, when it comes to "getting the sale" on Amazon KDP.

The phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover" means nothing here .. your book will be judged by it's cover, so take your time and make the best cover you can compared to what is currently selling the best on Amazon. (Pro Tip: If you cover doesn't look good to you compared to the best sellers then please out source it, find a professional to make a cover that has a better chance to sell the book you've worked so hard on.)

Okay let's create your cover for your low or no content book to sell on Amazon KDP.

Step 1 - Open Canva

Step 2 - Create a Design. (This will be a custom size and you'll create a front and back cover image in this step.)

Custom size for the front and back cover is based on the dimensions of your book. In this example we are making a cover for an 8.5 x 11 inches. 300 DPI which is the level of image quality you need is factored in using the equation below:

8.5 x 11 Canva Dimensions for Amazon KDP Cover Creation (Download as PNG)

8.5 + .25 (bleed) x 300 (DPI quality) = 2625 px (width)

11 + .25 (bleed) x 300 (DPI quality) = 3375 px (height)

Step 3 - Create a Front Page and a Back Page and Download as PNG. (For your complete cover spread coming up next.)

Step 5 - Create a Custom Design for Your Complete Cover Spread and Upload Your Front and Back Cover PNG Images from Step 3.

Custom size for the full cover spread is based on the dimensions of your book and the number of pages of the book.

This is because the cover will need to be big enough to cover the entire book and the book will be larger as the spine, which is the back of your book and is the binding that is visible when a book is shelved in a bookcase or the portion that adjoins the front and rear covers, will increase with the more pages you add to your interior or manuscript.

In this example we are making a cover for an 8.5 x 11 inches and 130 pages.

Canva KDP Template Dimensions 8.5 x 11 (for 130 pages) (Download as Print PDF)

8.5 (cover front width) + 8.5 (cover back) + .29 (spine) + .125 (bleed) + .125 (bleed) = 17.54 in (width)

11 (cover height) + .125 (bleed) + .125 (bleed) = 11.25 in (height)

Step 6 - Add Your Front and Back Cover PNG Images that You've Just Upload to the Front and Back of the Cover Spread and Save as Print PDF.

If all this seems confusing and you prefer to see a step by step video on this process, then watch the video below:

How to Publish Your New Low Content Book on Amazon

After you have signed up for Amazon KDP and logged into your account you will arrive to the Amazon KDP Bookshelf.

Amazon does a good job of explaining each field and I'm not going to walk thru each on, because I have a video that walks you thru this entire upload process, that includes the advanced topic of adding keywords to get your book found and sold:

But i will show each step inside the bookshelf so you know what to expect when you get started...

Step 1 - Select Paperback. (There are other options to include Hardcover, but this article only covers Paperback and the recommendation is to start with Paperback.)

Step 2 - Fill out Paperback Details. (Add everything that is not "optional".)

Step 3 - Fill out Paperback Content. (Add everything that is not "optional".)

Step 4 - Fill out Paperback Rights & Pricing. (This is where you will set the price for you book and also see how much your royalty will be, or how much you will earn per sale of each book.)

All of this might seem overwhelming at first, but it's really rather simple and becomes second nature after you do it a few times...

Don't be afraid to make mistakes and see what happens.

The only big mistake you can really make is to upload something you don't own or have the rights to publish or violate trademark or copyright but with a little bit of due diligence on your part that is not going to happen to you...

Amazon has pretty good support so if you have questions then reach out to them and ask, or feel free to reach out to me and ask, and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Making money as a self-publisher and building a self-publishing business using Amazon KDP or any other book marketplace takes time and patience...

Start slow and learn the basics and focus on creating and uploading quality book and then as time goes by start adding more quantity while maintaining your quality.

Finding some really good niches with some low to medium competition is always the recommendation, but also don't shy away from creating a book just to create it because you want to or you know your book is better than the current "best seller"...

Practice and be patient and you'll find success in the world of self-publishing.

For more information on how to get started check out this Beginners Guide - "How to Build Your Own Money Making Self-Publishing Business". You’ll want to read every word of this special report because I’m about to reveal one of the simplest ways to get going and make money with one of the biggest platforms online.

Happy publishing!