How Do You Make a Puzzle Book? – Puzzle Book Domination Review

Making a puzzle book may seem like quite a daunting task, but in reality a puzzle book can be made quite easily with simple tools like PowerPoint.

First you need to have an idea of the types of puzzles you want to make and for what age group, this sets the stage for how complex you puzzle will need to be.

Creating puzzles for kids age 4 to 7 is a lot less challenging than puzzles for teenagers or adults. And usually can be done without the need to purchase any type of puzzle making software, but software can and does speed up the process for creating kids puzzle and activity books.

The other thing that speeds up the process is good training on how to use that simple tool I mentioned earlier, PowerPoint, and also getting trained by a 5-time #1 International bestselling author and award-winning puzzle book/activity book creator.

How Do You Make KDP Puzzle Books?

Now let's take a look at how and what that 5-time #1 International bestselling author and award-winning puzzle book/activity book creator, Keith Wheeler shows you step by step in his training Puzzle Book Domination.

There are 3 levels inside the training, Puzzle Book Domination - Starter Level, Puzzle Master Level or Pro and Activity Master Level or Premium.

Puzzle Book Domination Starter Level Includes:

  • 4 Puzzle Types
  • Ready to Publish PDF Instructions
  • How to combine with software generated puzzles
  • How to Check Trademarks
  • Access to All puzzle book tutorials from Keith Wheeler Books YT channel

Puzzle Book Domination PRO - Puzzle Master Level Includes:

  • 11 additional puzzle types
  • Book Cover tips and tricks (specific to puzzle books)
  • How to make puzzle books more profitable
  • Fully editable pptx files for all 15 puzzles

Puzzle Book Domination PREMIUM - Activity Master Level Includes:

  • 12 paper/pencil game types
  • How to create a custom game
  • How to make custom game pieces
  • My Secret 3 Phase Process
  • Fully editable pptx files for all 12 game types

Watch my full review of Keith Wheeler's Puzzle Book Domination in the video below:

How Can I Sell My Puzzle Book?

Selling your puzzle book after you create it can be the most challenging part.

Of course, uploading it to Amazon KDP and letting the algorithm find you customers is the entire point of publishing on Amazon marketplace in the first place, so give it time to do it's job.

But, Keith has some secrets he is going to share with you and it's the entire point of the Puzzle Book Domination training. It's around creating quality puzzles and puzzle books using the information about all the unique puzzle types he teaches you in the course...

Then taking that knowledge and charting and tracking the types of puzzles that do the best in which books and then doubling down on that success and creating more of what works.

He explains exactly what he does and how he does it, in what he calls his "3 Phase Secret" to dominating the KDP puzzle book market on Amazon.

You don't want to miss out on his secret and how you can implement it and sell your puzzle book, click here to see inside the Puzzle Book Domination course and get some bonus puzzles that I've added as well.

Happy Puzzle Publishing!