Create a Best Seller as a Self-Publisher

Can Self-Published Books Become Bestsellers?

Yes, of course it's possible for a self-published book to become a bestseller.

But to figure out how to get there we have to understand what it means to be self-published and what the definition of a bestseller is...

Best selling books and lists of best selling books come from many places...

Now most people know that The New York Times Best Seller list is and has been considered the preeminent list of best-selling books in the United States, going back to the first time the list was published It has been published in 1931 in The New York Times Book Review.

But what about getting your self-published book on another list, like the Amazon Best Sellers List?

When thinking about being a best selling self-published author, this might be the list to aim for...

And it can even be done with a low content book, let's look at an example of a self-published book that became a bestseller.

And if you're wondering how to make a simple make a book like this best seller, it can be done quite simply with simple maze creation software.

Using these simple tools lets you create and publish a best-seller quick and easily, without ever writing a single word .. or at the least a very few words compared to what most people consider a "book" that is a best-seller.

How Do I Get My Self-Published Book Popular?

Creating your book is the first step. Getting your book popular and on its way to the top of whichever best seller list you are looking to win the number is spot on is going to take some effort...

You've got to let people know you book exists, this is called marketing, let's take a few easy ways to market your book.

Make Your Book More Discoverable with Keywords

When publishing on Amazon KDP you have to establish what your book is about, meaning you have to let Amazon know what people would search for to find your book. This starts with the title.

After the title, which when you book has a descriptive title, like "Easter Mazes Books for Kids" best seller above .. you need to think about what else someone looking for a book like this would search for...

That brings us to what are called "keywords".

Amazon KDP help topic on this book marketing tool built into the publishing process when uploading your book to KDP to sell is called, "Make Your Book More Discoverable with Keywords"

Amazon KDP help provides you some useful "best practices" for filling out these keywords inside or your KDP Bookshelf when publishing your book.

They start off by telling you to combine keywords in the most logical order. But for me the first place to start is to think like a reader and imagine how you'd search if you were a customer looking for a book for a specific purpose, like a gift for easter for your kid or grandkids. Think you might find the book "Easter Mazes Books for Kids" above if you were searching for something like "easter activity books for kids".

The answer is yes, or books very similar to this best seller example ... so those keywords would go into your 7 keyword boxes.

They also advise to type the keywords in as a customers would search for the book they are looking for . The Example they use is "military science fiction" but probably not for "fiction science military"...

You can use up to seven keywords or short phrases, but keep an eye on the character limit in the text field. For Amazon books you publish using KDP the Amazon keyword character limit is 50.

See the image below, I got thru the alphabet once (26 letters) and then made it to x (24 letters + 26 letters = 50 character limit) before it would no longer let me add any more characters to that keyword box.

Before publishing your book, actually even before publishing, start before you create the book. Search using keywords that you think would describe your book you are considering on to publish on Amazon. If you get irrelevant or results that don't satisfy yoru search, make some changes.

Also, when do your search take notes by looking at the suggestions that appear in the "Search" field drop down.

Remember when using keywords, think like a reader and imagine how you'd search if you were a customer looking for the book you are getting ready to create, publish and become a #1 best seller.

Amazon Ads

Amazon KDP has a Marketing tab inside your bookshelf after you publish your book and setup your keywords for "organic" or "free" marketing in the Amazon marketplace, the next step is to run paid ads. 

This simple means you pay Amazon to advertise your book on Amazon.

What does this look like when you run and ad to your book?

Did you see the "Sponsored" text on the book in the image above?

Yes, this is someone that is running Amazon Ads to their book to get it shown on the first page of the search results, or to show up next to the other books that people are buying that are similar to your book.

To get started with Amazon Ads simply go to the Marketing page and Sign In. Select the country where you'd like to sign in and run ads, currently Unites States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, India, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Step 2, sign into the Advertising Console.

You'll see your Campaigns inside your dashboard, yours will be empty.

Simply click on Create Campaign, currently a blue button inside your Campaigns dashboard.

Next choose your campaign type, typically and my recommendation to start with your first Amazon ads for you KDP book is Sponsored Products.

After that Create Campaign Settings, you will name your campaign and setup the parameters.

Setting up all the parameters is outside the scope of this post, but you can watch the video for more information on setting up and running Amazon Ads.

*Note: Don't worry about the screens looking the same as what you see, focus on the details of the way to setup and run the ad. Amazon is constantly updating the KDP interface.

Use Pinterest to Spread the Word About Your KDP Books

Short and sweet as this is not a tutorial on how to use Pinterest, simply open a Pinterest account and start sharing or "pinning" your books and link out to them on

Use Facebook to Market Your KDP Books

Short and sweet as this is not a tutorial on how to use Facebook, simply open a Facebook account and start sharing and posting your books and link out to them on

Using Amazon Author Central to Increase Your Books Sales

Amazon Author Central lets you create your Author Page where you can share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your books with millions of readers. It helps readers find your books easily and in one place.

In Amazon Author Central, you can:

  • Add your books to your Author Page
  • Add your biography in different languages
  • Add photos and videos
  • Check Amazon Best Sellers Rank
  • Check Customer Reviews
  • Add Editorial Reviews for your books (US feature only)
  • Share your blog feeds (US feature only)
  • Check BookScan sales information (US feature only)

As you can see, there are tons of outlets to market your book and let people know about them.

All these different marketing channels will allow you to get the word out about your books and increase the amount of people that see them, which will in-turn increase books sells. Which allows you to climb up the best-sellers list to the #1 spot.

No, let's talk about how much money you can expect to make as a #1 best selling self-published author.

How Much Can a Self-Published Author Make

After all that hard work, how much can you expect to make from your self-published best seller on Amazon?

Using the example in this post, let's look at the Amazon BSR or Best Seller Ranking and calculate how much this book is making this self-published author.

Using the Best Sellers Rank of #74, and the list price of $8.99, we can calculate the number of sales using an online BSR sales calculator.

With 769 sales per day and an estimated royalty of a 187 page black and white interior of $2.90, we do the math 769 * $2.90 = $2230.10 per day.

Of course understand this is a seasonal book used in this example, so this book goes up and down the charts as a best seller...

But I think you see the potential here for creating and marketing your book with the dreams of it becoming a best seller.

And even better than dreaming, is actually doing it...

Be sure to check out this post as well, to really understand the ins and out, or pros and cons of Amazon KDP self-publishing.

Happy Publishing!